Action comes in many forms.

It's as simple as making a call or knocking a door. By talking to your neighbours about what's at stake, you have the power to shape your community.

This is the power of grassroots organising. This is your Community Action Network.


We have so much to fight for today.

Whether it be about gender equality. Worker’s rights. Protecting Medicare. Fair funding for our schools. We have so much to fight for right now. If we don’t organise now, we’ll have nothing left to stand on in the future.


Workers Rights

Labor’s been fighting for workers’ rights since Queensland shearers organised under a ghost gum in 1891. We won’t stop now.


Education is the key to empowerment. That’s why we use our voice to ensure every woman, man and child has access to quality education.

The Voice

We need you to help campaign for the 'Yes’ Vote which will deliver a better future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and all Australians.​

Our Planet

From saving the Franklin to banning fracking, Labor is the only political party governing to protect our planet. We’re organising for our future.


We know that nothing good can come from hate. That’s why we need your voice to spread the message for equality.

Gender equality

Sexism is not a side issue. We’re empowering women to fight for social, political and economic equality in Australia.

Let's get started.