Environmental progress is not a spectator sport. Only Labor governments can achieve change.



Science tells us climate change is real and man-made. Labor believes that the only way we can combat the devastating effects of climate change is by acting now and acting together. It’s not enough to tackle big polluters. We need to support and grow renewable energy industries that will create new, secure jobs and meet our nation’s needs.

If we don’t, it’s our children and their children who’ll pay the price.

By speaking up for Labor as part of the Community Action Network, people like you are speaking up for a government and a society that will face the challenge of climate change and its impact on our environment.


1 million households have installed solar panels on their roofs – through Labor’s support for renewable energy.

In 2007, Bob Hawke said his Labor government’s campaign 25 years earlier to save the Franklin River had ‘important lessons for the struggle against global warming’. He made it pretty clear where Labor stands. Whether it is banning uranium mining near Kakadu, or fracking in Victoria, Labor governments put people first, not profits.

It took a Federal Labor government to sign the Kyoto Protocols, overturning ten years of Liberal opposition to action on limiting greenhouse emissions. During those years, a Labor government in Victoria supported the growth of local solar and wind energy industries, closed our national parks to cattle grazing and set a target of 20% reduction target by 2020.

But with a change in government, we see much of this work stalled and even reversed. To take action against climate change we need people like you organising and mobilising your community to join the Community Action Network and speak up for Labor.


Labor believes our way forward is through renewable energy. We need cleaner, more sustainable power generation that supports new jobs and industry.

Without taking action now to combat pollution, Australia will be among the countries hit hardest by the economic and environmental impact of climate change. This means reducing emissions through energy use, in our transport and even our building design.

A Federal Labor Government will introduce an emissions trading scheme to provide a sustainable way to encourage business to reduce current pollution and implement cleaner, long term practises.


We’ve already seen what Liberal governments will do to combat climate change. John Howard refused to sign the Kyoto Protocols for close to 10 years. Tony Abbott called climate change ‘crap’. And the party that believes in not interfering in the marketplace, strangled the slowly developing local wind and solar industries, while subsidising big polluting corporates.

Time and time again, the Liberals waste and even sabotage opportunities to combat climate change.

Join the Community Action Network today to support a government and society that will fight for the change we need to create secure jobs and industries that will help support a cleaner environment for the generations to come.