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On the 25th of May historic vote took place in Ireland. That vote was to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Irish constitution, effectively paving the way for the legalisation of abortion in Ireland.

On May 9 Malaysians went to the polls expecting the re-election of incumbent Najib Razakand and the continuation of his Barisan Nasional party’s 61 year rule.

Instead Mahathir Mohammad with the help of long-time political enemy Anwar Ibrahmin surprised political orthodoxy and successfully won the election.

Erin Cook - a Jakarta based free-lance journalist specialising in South East Asia joined us on Pod on the Hill to discuss how and why it happened and the ramifications for the region and Australia.

On this episode Nicola Spoke with Queensland Senator Claire Moore, we talked the appalling management of Centrelink by the conservatives, the Aboriginal governance campaign being driven by terrific Labor allies Linda Burney Member for Barton and Senators Malarndirri McCarthy and Pat Dodson. We also spoke about the future of the Labor party and what reforms are needed.




This week Nicola spoke to the MUA National Division Womens Representative Mich-elle Myers. They discussed her path from working in a bank to being a wharfie, the challenges of being a woman working in the maritime industry with the barriers that are put in front of women, and of course we discussed the battles that unions in Australia are fighting and what this means for the Labor party.


This week Shadow Environment Minister Mark Butler talks party reform, the damage the conservatives are doing to the environment, Labor's plan to implement effective climate policy, the jobs that can be created in the environment sector.


Wayne Swan has been intimately involved in Australian politics with a career spanning well over forty years. From a party official to navigating Australia though the global financial crisis, Wayne as dedicated his political life fighting for working people.


It is ANZAC day next week, and a time to reflect on Australia's military past. On Pod on the Hill Nicola found out how Jean McLean helped start a nation-wide movement to oppose the Vietnam War and conscription.

This week on Pod on the Hill our guest is member for Narre Warren North and Minister for Ports, Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan.

In a wide-ranging conversation, we talked of Luke’s childhood in Italy, how his commitment to social justice developed and what the Fitzroy Football Club's destruction meant to his family.

We also discussed what it was like returning to Parliament having lost Government, the phenomenal number of projects that he is working on across Victoria and how our opponents are putting in jeopardy Victoria’s future.

Last Good Friday the Victorian Liberals set a new standard for hypocrisy, deceit and outright bastardry that undermines the very fabric of our democracy.

On this week’s episode we spoke with with Upper House Government Whip Jaclyn Symes who saw it all unravel.