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This week ESPN Cricinfo Journalist Melinda Farrell gets us up to date with the Women's T20 Cricket World Cup before the Semi - Finals on March 5 and the final on March 8. She also tells us about the incredible rise of the Thailand women's cricket team.

This week we speak to new Member for Macnamara Josh Burns.

We discuss how his family's experiences during the Second World War have shaped his opposition to racism, the state of Federal climate change policy, and how social media has changed politics.

This week Conrad French unpacks Sinn Féin's amazing performance in the Irish election with Justin Cartwright, former Victorian Labor Member and NUW organiser who has lived in Northern Ireland for the past 13 years.

Marcus Stewart, co-chair of the First People's Assembly, and Gavin Jennings, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, joined Nicola Castleman on this week's podcast to discuss the treaty story in detail.

To see footage from the First People's Assembly, their YouTube channel ( is a great resource for viewing the incredible speeches from last year's historic event.

With Ministerial portfolios that cover Youth, Women and the Prevention of Family Violence, Gabrielle Williams has plenty on her plate, but she took some time our of her busy schedule to join us this week on Pod On The Hill.

Toby Halligan spoke to the Minister about why she decided to quit studying creative writing to focus on the law, what speaking to ex-IRA prisoners taught her about how societies recover from violent conflict, and the progress the Andrews Government has made in helping survivors of family violence.

This week our guest is Martin Pakula, the Minister for Racing, Jobs, Innovation & Trade, Tourism, Sport & Major Events.

We talk about why so many children of immigrants join the Labor Party, what he won when he appeared on Sale of the Century and why he loves gangster films.

2019 has been a busy year across Minister Martin Foley portfolio's of Equality, Mental Health and Creative Industries.

Toby Halligan sits down with the Minister to talk through the Andrews Government's iconic changes to Victoria's birth certificate laws, the stories from the mental health Royal Commission, and why it's important to have a portfolio dedicated to the arts.

Fresh from the latest battle in the Coalition's War on Workers Sally McManus joins us to talk about the defeat of the "Ensuring Integrity Bill".

The Parliament has wrapped up for the year. Conrad French and Nicola Castleman caught up with Member for Essendon Danny Pearson and Member of the Legislative Council representing the Western Metropolitan Region Ingrid Stitt for the 2019 Parliamentary Wrap.